Personal Property Appraisals

Curious, thorough, unbiased—
verified values of tangible, personal property.

Have questions? Antiquestor has answers.

An attorney, insurance adjuster, or accountant advised an appraiser.

What is an appraisal report, exactly?

Making sure your valuations are done accurately and comprehensively can save you time and money, spare you the headaches of an audit and reassure others an estate or settlement is being handled fairly. Contact Antiquestor Personal Property Appraisals today to help.

Do you have ONE item which you are curious about? Learn about Antiquestor’s single item valuation service.

Estate Tax/Charitable Donation

Comply with IRS and state guidelines. Reports by qualified appraisers are required to ensure your return or donation is accepted.

What are the risks?

For federal and state estate tax or non-cash charitable donations, under or over-valuations can draw unwanted attention from the IRS. See a sample estate tax report.


Protect against loss. Ensure you are covered for the correct amount, in the event you need to replace your property.

What are the risks?

Without current valuation, you many not be fully indemnified against damage or loss and the claim process will not be as streamlined. See a sample insurance report.

Family Division

Keep the peace. Bequest or divide possessions proactively so all heirs are gifted or compensated equally.

What are the risks?

Unsubstantiated values can lead to prolonged and costly legal battles in any type of dissolution. BLOG: Avoid Heartache and Headaches.